November Newsletter

Thank You

To Derek Maguire for his work as secretary of the club for the first half of the year. I believe Derek did a great job.

To Bob Dickson for managing the Bar unfortunately due to family reasons Bob has had to resign his position.

To Frank Male who has agreed to take over the management of the bar.

To Isobel Partington for finally getting the printer to print our Members Handbook.

To Trios for the donation of Vouchers

 Get Well

To Danny Muir who is now out, I believe, of hospital. Recover well Danny, we have kept your seat on the balcony empty.

Trios Vouchers

First Draw on Saturday 2nd November between 5.00pm and 6.00pm at the club.




Cranbourne 1            2nd

Cranbourne 2            3rd

Cranbourne 3            6th

Cranbourne 4            5th

Cranbourne 5            2nd



Cranbourne 1            8th

Cranbourne 2            7th      

Cranbourne 3            3rd

Cranbourne 4            4th



Open and Close Roster open by 9 am close by 6 pm

November, 2019

Week Sun: 03/11/2019 to Sat 09/11/2019        Tom De Pradines   0411153593
Week Sun: 10/11/2019 to Sat 16/11/2019         Derek Maguire        0414555753
Week Sun: 17/11/2019 to Sat 23/11/2019         Gerald Dudink         0436070007
Week Sun: 24/11/2019 to Sat 01/12/2019        Frank Coulter           0408057970

December, 2019

Week Sun: 02/12/2019 to Sat 08/12/2019       Allen Skurrie             59967327
Week Sun: 09/12/2019 to Sat 15/12/2019        Frank Coulter           0408057970
Week Sun: 16/12/2019 to Sat 22/12/2019        Frank Male                0409932842
Week Sun: 23/12/2019 to Sat 28/12/2019        Derek Maguire         0414555753

January 2020                                       open by 9 am close by 6 pm

Week   Sun 29/12/ 2019 to Sat 04/1/2020     Tom De Pradines   0411153593

Week Sun: 05/01/2020to Sat 11/01/2020        Derek Maguire         0414555753
Week Sun: 12/01/2020 to Sat 18/01/2020       Gerald Dudink          0436070007
Week Sun: 19/01/2020 to Sat 25/01/2020       Frank Coulter           0408057970

Week Sun 26/01/2020 to Sat 01/02/2020     Frank Male                0409932842


February 2020                                       open by 9 am close by 6 pm

Week   Sun 02/02/2020 to   Sat 06/02/2020                         Tom De Pradines   0411153593

Week   Sun 07/02/2020 to   Sat 15/02/2020                          Frank Male                0409932842

Week   Sun 16/02/2020 to   Sat 22/02/2020                          Gerald Dudink          0436070007

Week   Sub 23/02/2020 to   Sat 29/2/2020                           Allen Skurrie             59967327



We advise ALL Members, that if you Close up out of turn, please phone the rostered member to make them aware.   Opening of gates at this time will continue to be looked after by Rob Sorensen.
Please note: The Board of Management have determined the Club will be opened every day of the week.

                                                                 Thank You

We need new members to help with the opening and closing. It is very unfair that we only have a few members to do this work. Please consider giving of one week every couple of months. Please remember if one of the gate closers are sick or away the club will be closed for that time.