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Board and Committee Structures


Chairperson: Tony Collins


Treasurer: Allen Skurrie


Secretary – Karen Hickson


Board Member: Gwen Scott


Board Member:  Robert Dickson


Board Member – Garry Hunt


Board Member – Brian Legg


Board Member – Hans Worsteling




 Midweek Selection Committee: – Derek Maguire, Garry Hunt (Chair), Stan Myers, Robert Dickson, Cheryl Wright

 Saturday Selection Committee: Lyn Quigg, Noel Hardy (Chair), Robert Scott.

 Tournament committee– Barry Graham & Scott De Piazza

 Delegate to Sandbelt Division – Isobel Partington

 Tournament committee for Sponsored Events – Noel Hardy

 Advertising and Sponsorship – Tony Collins, Garry Hunt

 Grounds Committee all members are requested to help where possible on the Grounds   committee

 Bar Manager – Robert Dickson. Helpers: Stephen Hickson, Scott De Piazza.  David McMaster

 Welfare Officer  – Derek Maguire

 Social Committee Nomination Needed

 Web Site – Noel Hardy, John Forsythe

 Club Media Officer – Garry Hunt

 Functions – Brian Legg

 Bare Foot bowls – Brian Legg

 Club History – Frank Coulter


Selection Committees

Both Selection Committees shall consist of five elected members. These members shall be elected at the AGM for a period of one year. The Chairpersons, who shall be appointed by the members of the Committees, shall report directly to the General Committee.

Candidates for each Selection Sub-Committee must have been a Member for a minimum of one year.

These Committees, subject to any conditions laid down by the General Committee, shall be responsible for the selection of teams for pennants play, the handicapping of players in bowling events and the selection of teams for such other events as determined by either of the two Match Committees.
In respect of pennant teams, each Selection Committee will also nominate Team Managers for each side and Skips for each team and, in respect of “Home” matches, an Umpire of the Day. All other qualified umpires playing at home will be regarded as being on call for measuring, etc. decisions when an umpire is called.

During the Summer pennant season, Selection Committee meetings will be held weekly to select teams and nominate Team Managers,Skips and an Umpire of the Day (in respect of home matches) for the following week’s pennant matches.