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Tobin Brothers is delighted to partner with Bowls Australia in presenting the Bowls Show each and every week on SBS, Fox Sport and 1116 SEN.

To celebrate this new partnership we are offering all bowlers, who take out a Fixed Price Funeral Plan (prepaid funeral) between 1st July 2019 and 31st December 2019 with Tobin Brothers Funerals, the opportunity to have their Bowls membership covered for the forthcoming season (payment up to $250).

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, visit and fill out our online form.

Tobin Brothers continue to be proudly owned by the Tobin family.  As a trusted household name in Victoria, we cater to all manner of funerals be it traditional, religious, ethnic or cultural celebrations of life. We pride ourselves on personalising every celebration; if it is legal it is possible.

Tobin Brothers employs over 230 caring high trained and committed individuals including 12 decedents of the founders. 

We serve the community from 24 branch locations throughout Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Echuca.

To obtain a personalised fee proposal or to arrange an appointment with our Fixed Price Funeral Plan Specialists, please contact us on 03 9373 7000.  We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

 Winners Ray Travica and Lynne Wood

I have great pleasure in announcing the Bowls Vic / Casey Bowls Division
Overs Sixties Single Champion for 2019/2020.  Mr Ray Travica (Cranbourne BC)
defeated a very gallant Mr Percy Herath (Narre Warren BC).  The match played
at Hampton Park had some swings and roundabouts, but Ray did what he had to
to win 21-16 with a four on the last end. Congratulations Ray from all
members of the Cranbourne Bowling Club. Well deserved.

The Final of the Bowls Vic / Casey Bowls Division Over 60’s Ladies 
Singles Championship was also played at Hampton Park and Cranbourne’s 
Lynne Wood defeated Marie Stephenson (Cardinia Waters BC) 21-18 in another 
great game. Congratulations Lynne from all the Members of the Cranbourne 
Bowling Club. Brilliant day for Cranbourne Bowling Club.


Board of Management:
Your Board of Management is constantly working very hard and long hours to endeavour making the Cranbourne Bowling Club Inc the best Community & Bowling Club possible.   We are all volunteers and we ask for your patience and support in trying to achieve the best for our Club.   Our Chairperson John McKenna is constantly endeavouring to obtain grants and meeting with some of our major partners such as the Federal, State & Local governments & sponsors to try and obtain funding and I for one think John has done a brilliant job in obtaining grants that have improved our Club and its facilities.   Every other Board member has taken their roles very seriously and we are always trying to attract possible new sponsors, members, volunteers. No Board of Management can please everyone in the club, but we do try and action what the majority of members would like. We have recently had a vacancy filled, with Stan Burnett taking on the role of Men’s Director.and who could ask for a better man to fill the role. Please remember we would also appreciate feedback from our members, whether it be good or bad, please put it in writing and email to the Secretary, Derek Maguire at the following If you have any requests, suggestions, ideas that you would like the Board to consider or investigate, then this is your opportunity.Club News: 

a. Work on green (B) is continuing and the tif is growing sprouts and the Greens Committee and Greenskeeper are confident it will come up great as the weather becomes warmer and the sun shines down. Currently, we’re looking at the end of December 2019.

b. Tuesday 20th August saw the Past Members Reunion lunch and approximately 75 guests added a very pleasant and enjoyable afternoon. Many faces from the past enjoyed listening and telling stories of their current and past lives and many of them are still in great shape for their age. The Club was delighted to host this day and we also thank Shirley Venville, Ray Boskell & Hans Worsteling for arranging the day. We also would like to thank all the ladies & men volunteers who helped with the food and serving, along with our Bar personnel and Rob Sorensen who setup the tables and chairs as well as repaired the wonky ones. The feedback from the guests was very exciting and positive and the food beautiful.

c. Isobel Partington has the Members Handbook with the printers and we expect to have these by the end of September, 2019.

e. We have had a technician attend the Club and he has completed Test n Tag requirements of appliances to make sure we’re legally compliant. Any appliance that has failed will be got rid of.   Please note any new appliances brought into the Club, either purchased or donated must be tested and tagged before it can be used.

f. In addition, the Clubs Exits and security lights have been tested and passed. These need to be done every six months.

Bowls Victoria News:
Bowls Victoria have now provided us the Metropolitan Pennant dates for both Midweek & Saturday.   We have now received details for where our sides will play.
Midweek Pennant begins on Tuesday 1st October, 2019 and Saturday Pennant begins on 5th October, 2019.

Saturday Pennant Teams Season 2019/2020:

Division 2, Section 6,     Cranbourne 1
Division 2, Section 8,     Cranbourne 2
Division 4, Section 6,     Cranbourne 3
Division 6, Section 8,     Cranbourne 4
6-A-Side,   Section 5,     Cranbourne 5

Midweek Pennant Teams Season 2019/2020:
Division 2, Section 6,   Cranbourne 1
Division 2, Section 8,   Cranbourne 2
Division 5, Section 6,   Cranbourne 3
Division 5, Section 7,   Cranbourne 4
No 6-A-Side team/s for Midweek Pennant










Selection Committees – Midweek / Saturday

All Club Members, partners & guests, one of the most difficult roles in a Bowling Club is being part of a selection committee. These people are again volunteers and do the very best they can for the Club and players. If anyone does not like or disagree with a decision made by the selection committees then the Board and Committee members would be greatful if people to not start an argument, threaten any member or demand that changes be made.   If you do have a grievence, then please email or talk with the relevant Head of Selectors and if necessary arrange an appointment with the selection committee to discuss your concerns.




Saturday Selection Committee:

Doug Boggie, Stephen Hickson, Bill Bradbury, Ian Barrenger, Chris Griffiths

Pennant Practice Saturdays:
Saturday 7th September v Pakenham   4 Teams (64) players required 2 home & 2 away.
Saturday 14th September v Hastings 2 teams x 16 and 1 x 12 (44) players required but not limited to that as we’ll also have bankers all at home.
Saturday 21st September v Berwick.   2 teams x 16. More to come for this day as were still trying to arrange more teams, both away.
All games start at 1:00 pm and the lists are on the board.
Saturday 28th September we’ll have any intra club starting at 10:30 am as this is Grand Final Day.



Midweek Selection Committee:

Garry Hunt, Lynne Wood, Isobel Partington, Derek Maguire, Cheryl Wright

Pennant Practice Midweek:
Dates: 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th September, 2019
The Midweek Selection Committee have decided we will be having Intra Club matches and coaching during the month of September. Lists are on the board and you need to put your name down. If you’re away, please let someone know to put you name down or email the Secretary at and I will put your names on the lists.

Bowls Vic / Casey Division Bowls:

This week see’s the Over 60’s Men’s & Women’s Singles Championship (State Titles) being played at Hampton Park Bowling Club on Thursday 5th September, 2019. Register Time: 9:30 am. (Toilets not available until 10:00 am).

On Friday 6th September the Over 60’s Men’s & Women’s Pairs Championship (State Titles) being played at Pakenham Bowling Club. Register Time 9:00 am
Due to Narre Warren Bowling Club pulling out as a venue at the last moment.

Sunday 9th September, Over 60’s Novice Men’s & Women’s Championship (State Titles) being played at the Cranbourne RSL Bowling Club. Register Time: 09:00 am
No ladies have nominated for this event from Cranbourne and the three Men who nominated do not meet the qualification to play in this event.


Very best wishes to ALL those playing.

Club Tournament Committee:


Stan Myers, Barry Graham, Scott De Piazza will continue to run Social Bowl days, so check the notice boards and name register sheets.

Practice Game–Cranbourne v Narre Warren 24th Sept ‘19

This Practice Match against Narre Warren will see two teams (24 players) travel to Narre Warren to play, while two teams play at home. Midweek Selectors will pick the teams in due course and you will see the teams on website and whiteboards.


Opening Day

Last Saturday 31st August, saw a very good number of members & guests attend our new season opening celebrations. The weather was spectacular and Mayor Cr, Amanda Stapledon was our special guest. While opening the season, Amanda also gave a speech and unveiled the plagues dedicated to our two Life Members Shirley Venville & Ray Boskell new Patio/Verandah and Patio/Grill areas.

A light lunch of soup and sandwiches followed and the food was delicious and again we have to thank our lady volunteers, led by Isabel Smith. In addition to this and after a ten social game of bowls, the ladies presented an afternoon tea of many cakes, sponges, tea and coffee and we can only say thank you for such a delicious lunch and afternoon tea. I want to say thank you to Rob Sorensen particularly, along with Frank Male, Mick Feeley, Scott DePiazza, Frank Coulter and Paul Male who all contributed to making the day very special. Thank you one and ALL.

Membership Fees:


If your membership fees are still outstanding, then we would greatly appreciate it if you could have these finalised asap please. All members wishing to play Pennant & Practice Pennant matches must be fully financial. Our Bank Details for Online Banking is: Bendigo Bank, BSB 633-000 Account No: 112731062. If you do not have your Invoice from the Treasurer (Allen Skurrie), then in the description area of your payment put your name. if you have your invoice then put in the Invoice number and your surname. Please make this a priority.
Any concerns or difficulties anyone has with Fees, please contact Allen Skurrie direct to discuss and come to an arrangement.


Gate Roster – Opening Closing for September,   October, & November 2019 Open by 8:30 am Close by 6:00 pm


September, 2019

Week Sun: 01/09/2019 to Sat 07/09/2019        Allen Skurrie             59967327
Week Sun: 08/09/2019 to Sat 14/09/2019        Frank Coulter           0408057970
Week Sun: 15/09/2019 to Sat 21/09/2019        Frank Male                0409932842
Week Sun: 22/09/2019 to Sat 28/09/2019        Derek Maguire         0414555753

October, 2019                     

Week Sun: 29/09/2019 to Sat 05/10/2019       Frank Male                0409932842
Week Sun: 06/10/2019 to Sat 12/10/2019       Gerald Dudink         0436070007
Week Sun: 13/10/2019 to Sat 19/10/2019        Allen Skurrie             59967327
Week Sun: 20/10/2019 to Sat 26/10/2019        Rob Sorensen          0478672112
Week Sun: 27/10/2019 to Sat 02/11/2019       Frank Coulter            0408057970

November, 2019

Week Sun: 03/11/2019 to Sat 09/11/2019        Tom De Pradines   0411153593
Week Sun: 10/11/2019 to Sat 16/11/2019        Derek Maguire         0414555753
Week Sun: 17/11/2019 to Sat 23/11/2019        Gerald Dudink          0436070007
Week Sun: 24/11/2019 to Sat 01/12/2019        Frank Coulter            0408057970

We advise ALL Members, that if you Close up out of turn, please phone the rostered member to make them aware.   Opening of gates at this time will continue to be looked after by Rob Sorensen.
Please note: The Board of Management have determined the Club will be opened every day of the week.


In closing, may I remind our members that are away on holidays to take care when travelling and to all come back safely and then let’s get ready to play Bowls.

To our members, families and friends who might be struggling with health and other issues, if you need help, then please call the club and talk with any of the Board Members or our Welfare Officer, Mr Roger Roscoe. We all need to keep in mind the Welfare of all our members. Do not make judgements of people and let’s treat everyone with the respect and integrity you would like to be afforded.

May I say that Bowls is a game first and foremost. It’s supposed to be fun and we need to remember that it doesn’t have to be taken so serious, that it makes people feel uncomfortable when playing with or against others that do take it more serious. Yes, when playing Pennant it needs to be taken more seriously, but not to the point other players cannot feel relaxed and are just worried what others are going to say. No one goes out to bowl badly, but it happens and it happens to the best players too. Support your team mates and encourage them to feel part of a team.

Please if you have anything you would like raised or looked into, please email me at

Please remember that we have our website that you can look at.

I try to make sure all Members receive Communications, Notices, Newsletters via Email, so if you have any email address, please let me know and I will include you in the email list.

We have a Facebook Page and this Newsletter will be printed and pinned to our notice board along with other information for members to read, especially if they do not have an email address or use a computer.

I want to thank Neil Drummond, Rob Scott, Ron Hanson and all those that helped me clean out the old board room and office. I greatly appreciate it.

We are slowing working through the old files in the club and we hope to be able to get of a lot of paperwork that we do not require or need to store anymore removed and destroyed.

Cheers for now and good bowling.

Derek Maguire
Hon Secretary/CCO Cranbourne Bowling Club Inc.

Sunday 1st September, 2019