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Finals Summary 2019/2020

This was out strongest and most consistent season from my time at the club with seven of our nine teams making the final four. Of that seven three teams made the division final. Unfortunately, we did not win any of our final games but that does not mean that we don’t have a great starting point for next season if and when it starts.

The Virus

The Covid-19 virus has had a significant impact on the club and its members. The Club House will not be opened. There is no guarantee that the gates will be open for a roll up. If you are over 70, like me, you are expected to stay at home and if you require exercise go for a walk. We all want our members back for next season so do the right thing and stay alive.

Old members have returned

Welcome back to Lyn and Tony Whalley, Chris Griffiths, and David Wilson. We hope your home coming is a great one and your skills will enhance the club in the future.

New Members

Salvatore Greco and George Ljepojevic


We hope to hold the AGM in June but like all things this not a certainty. We require two board members to replace John Mc and myself. We will require someone to manage Bare foot Bowling and hire of the club for functions. We also need a new bar manager and club secretary. Other positions may need to be filled also.

Thank you

To Frank Male who returned when necessary to manage the bar, as usual a great job has been done.

To Gwen Scott who has done a fantastic job in managing the bare foot bowls and the running of the functions for the club.


We are very lucky to have two great teams of selectors; it is generally a thankless job but a very necessary one. The overall success of the club last season is a testament to the commitment and value of our selectors. Unfortunately, you can’t please everybody all of the time. Not even me.


Closing of Club

We are in need of people to close the club.


April 2020                                                                   Open

Days open: All week gate only

Week   Sun 05/04/ 2020 to Sat 11/04/2020                        Gerald Dudink     0411153593

Week   Sun 12/04/2020 to Sat 18/04/2020                         Allen Skurrie   59967327

Week   Sun 19/04/2020 to   Sat 25/04/2020                         Derek Maguire     0414555753

Week   Sun 26/04/2020 to   Sat 02/05/2020                         Frank Coulter   59963345


May 2020                                                                    Open

Days open: All week gate only

Week   Sun 03/05/ 2020 to Sat 09/05/2020                         Tom De Pradines 0411153593

Week   Sun 10/05/2020 to Sat 16/05/2020                          Frank Male       0409932842

Week   Sun 17/05/2020 to   Sat 23/05/2020                          Gerald Dudink     0411153593

Week   Sun24/05/2020 to   Sat 30/05/2020                          Derek Maguire     0414555753

Please note that new members only become official when they pay their fees. Only Full members have the right to play pennant and to vote at our AGM.

John Forsythe