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     Cranbourne Bowling Club – July 2019

Board of Management:

Your Board of Management is working hard for you, the members, and as we’re able to we will keep you advised of what’s happening.  I remind you that if you have something you’d like raised or brought to the attention of the Board & Members, then email the Club Secretary, Derek Maguire via the club email



Club News:
a. Work is continuing on the new green and the Greens Committee and Greenskeeper are very confident that the green will be in great shape coming into pennant season.
b. The Shade Cloth Project is now just about complete and again we have to thank you our Club Legend Hans Worsteling for all his hard work.
c.  What about the outside front recreation area’s. Both have had their areas Concreted, the Shade Sails are in place, the Outdoor furniture looks a treat and to top it off, the Glass surrounds top off the area fantastically.
d. Three Green Sheds is also a project under way, but it requires a bit of work to be completed. Quotes have been obtained and further news will be advised in due course.
e. Isobel Partington is working to get the 2019/2020 handbook printed. Please note we are working hard to get the information correct before printing.
f.  Our Website Administrator might be currently overseas or travelling the country as I’ve not been able to catch him to have changes made to the Website. We will continue to follow up, so please don’t tell me the Website isn’t up to date. We know….
g.  We still have a Board position and Committee positions, open. If you are/might be interested, please advise any Board member and or email the Secretary.  We still have a Men’s Director, Auditor & Social Committee roles.
h.  We will be having another Trivia Night in the future, so please come along and join the fun.  Our last one was very successful and we will make this one better. More details in future advices.
i.  What would we do without our Monday morning volunteers who work very hard in keeping the club clean and tidy, I won’t name the people. They know who they are and on behalf of each and every member, we can only say thank you very much. We are always looking for volunteers. If interested, please email me via

Bowls Victoria News:
Bowls Victoria have now provided us the Metropolitan Pennant dates for both Midweek & Saturday.  The teams for both Midweek & Saturday teams have been lodged and Bowls Victoria will advise the Division & Sections in due course.
Midweek Pennant begins on Tuesday 1st October, 2019 and Saturday Pennant begins on 5th October, 2019.
Casey Division Bowls:
Casey Division Bowls has now provided a Calendar of Events for Season 2019-20. Some dates need to be tied down & Region dates are not confirmed at this time, but our Delegate, Isobel Partington will look after us here and advise as necessary.  Both Bowls Vic and Casey Division Bowls calendars have been provided to the relevant Selection Committee’s.

Club Tournament Committee:
Due to a lack of entries the Triples x 4 Month competition was cancelled and will reschedule at another time.

Social Bowls, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Get involved and have some fun with friends and Club members.  No stress and good for our minds, bodies and souls.

Practice Games – Selection Committes:
We are now at the beginning of July and it won’t be long before Practice Games start, followed by Pennant season starting 1st October.  The Midweek & Saturday Selection Committees will be working hard to arrange practice matches and we need our members to come along and support the Club and the Committee’s. These will be through August & September.

Opening Day:
Mark your Calendars that Opening Day Celebrations will be held on Saturday 31st August, 2019 and we will have a number of celebrations happening and of course we have dignitaries attending.  Make sure your name is down on the name register so we have details regarding catering.  It is always a great day….

Membership Fees:

If your membership fees are still outstanding, then we would be greatly appreciated if you could have these finalised by 1st August, 2019.  All members wishing to play Pennant must be fully financial.  Our Bank Details for Online Banking is:  Bendigo Bank, BSB 633-000 Account No:  112731062.  If you do not have your Invoice from the Treasurer (Allen Skurrie), then in the description area of your payment put you name. if you have your invoice then put in the Invoice number and your surname.  Thank you.


I would just like to remind members that along with our ladies, volunteers, Board, Committee members, we need to also look after our sponsors and particularly our major sponsors.  I was thinking of having a Xmas in July type dinner/meal. We might aim for 27th July and there is a name register on the table as you enter the Club. Come along if your not doing anything.  Email:



Gate Roster – Opening Closing for July, August, September, 2019


July, 2019                                                                                             Open by 8:30 am Close by 6:00 pm

Week  Sun:  30/06/2019 to Sat 06/07/2019              Frank Male                           0409932842
Week  Sun:  07/07/2019 to Sat 13/07/2019              Gerald Dudink                     0436070007
Week  Sun:  14/07/2019 to Sat 20/07/2019               Allen Skurrie                        59967327
Week  Sun:  21/07/2019 to Sat 27/07/2019               Rob Sorensen                      0478672112
Week  Sun:  28/07/2019 to Sat 03/08/2019               Frank Coulter                      0408057970

August, 2019                                                                      Open by 8:30 am Close by 6:00 pm

Week  Sun:  04/08/2019 to Sat 10/08/2019               Tom De Pradines                0411153593
Week  Sun:  11/08/2019 to Sat 17/08/2019               Derek Maguire                    0414555753
Week  Sun:  18/08/2019 to Sat 24/08/2019               Gerald Dudink                     0436070007
Week  Sun:  25/08/2019 to Sat 31/08/2019               Frank Coulter                      0408057970

September, 2019                                                                               Open by 8:30 am Close by 6:00 pm

Week  Sun:  01/09/2019 to Sat 10/09/2019               Allen Skurrie                        59967327
Week  Sun:  11/09/2019 to Sat 17/09/2019               Frank Coulter                      0408057970
Week  Sun:  18/09/2019 to Sat 24/08/2019               Frank Male                           0409932842
Week  Sun:  25/09/2019 to Sat 01/10/2019               Derek Maguire                    0414555753

We advise ALL Members, that if you Close up out of turn, please phone the rostered member to make them aware.  Opening of gates at this time will continue to be looked after by Rob Sorensen.
Please note:  The Board of Management have determined the Club will be opened every day of the week.

In closing, let me say that the first two months in this role has kept me busy, but I will soldier on.  The Board, Volunteers and Committee Members are doing their very best for all of you and decisions that are made, will not make everybody happy, but sometimes that is just how it is.  We need to do what we can to make the Club more sustainable and cost effective.  I would like to mention and thank the members who helped us (Club) and Hans Worsteling get the Glass panels into place around the new patio area.  Come spring/summer when the gardens are in bloom the place will look brilliant.  You will notice that all the dirt and rubbish behind the lower grass green area has been cleared away and we thank Rob Sorensen for arranging this for us.


Derek Maguire
Hon Secretary/CCO
Cranbourne Bowling Club Inc.
Mob: 0414555753