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Thank You

To Tony Collins and his team for the great Medley Tournament

To those members who assisted on the day and before the tournament

To those ladies who worked on the food and its delivery to all players

To those members who work every Monday in keeping the club looking great each week

Thank you to the very small number of members involved in opening and closing the club

To Robbie S who opens the club each morning.


At the moment we have Six of our nine teams placed to play in the finals. We hope each team keeps their positions and have successful final campaigns.


Cranbourne  1  7th

Cranbourne  2  6th

Cranbourne  3  3rd

Cranbourne  4  3rd

Cranbourne  5  3rd



Cranbourne  1  4th

Cranbourne  2  8th

Cranbourne  3  2nd

Cranbourne  4  3rd


Green B

The Board at its meeting on 11th February 2019 has decided to spend $24750 plus GST (Claimable Back) to upgrade green B with Tifdworf grass. The work will commence shortly and is expected to be available to use in the Spring of 2019 and at the latest December 2019. The board will continue to seek suitable funding to replace one of our grass greens with synthetic grass. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining both greens requires this replacement in the future.



Closing of Club


We are in need of people to close the club.


February 2019                                        open by 9 am close by 8 pm

Week   Sun  22/01/ 2019  to  Sat  02/02/2019                        Gerald Dudink     

Week   Sun  03/02/2019  to  Sat 09/02/2019                          John Forsythe 

Week   Sun 10/02/2019  to   Sat 16/02/2019                          Frank Male        

Week   Sun 17/02/2019  to  Sat 23/02/2019                           Graeme Wood  



March 2019                                               open by 9 am close by 6 pm

Week   Sun  24/02/ 2019  to  Sat  02/03/2019                        Tom De Pradines 

Week   Sun  03/03/2019  to  Sat 09/03/2019                          Graeme Wood  

Week   Sun 10/03/2019  to   Sat 16/03/2019                          Chris Griffiths  

Week   Sun 17/03/2019  to   Sat 23/03/2019                          Frank Coulter   

Week   Sun 24/03/2019  to  Sun 30/04/2019                          Frank Male        


April 2019                                                                   Open

Days open:  Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Other days the gate should be open and the outside toilets are open also.

Week   Sun  31/02/ 2019  to  Sat  06/04/2019                        Gerald Dudink      

Week   Sun  07/04/2019  to  Sat 13/04/2019                          Allen Skurrie    

Week   Sun 14/04/2019  to   Sat 20/04/2019                          Chris Griffiths  

Week   Sun 21/04/2019  to   Sat 27/04/2019                          Frank Coulter  

Week   Sun 28/04/2019  to  Sun 04/05/2019                          Frank Male        

 May 2019                                                                    Open

Days open:  Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Other days the gate should be open and the outside toilets are open also.


Week   Sun  05/05/ 2019  to  Sat  11/05/2019                        Tom De Pradines 

Week   Sun  12/05/2019  to  Sat 18/05/2019                          Graeme Wood  

Week   Sun 19/05/2019  to   Sat 25/05/2019                          Chris Griffiths  

Week   Sun26/05/2019  to   Sat 01/06/2019                           John Forsythe   0

Smoking at the club on game day

Please remember that players, visitors etc must only smoke in the designated Smoking Areas. Greens A and B next to the toilets and Green C next to the sheds at the end of the main building.

Heat Policy

The Board discussed BV heat policy. BV have indicated that 36 degrees is the cut off point but they have referred the decision back to the clubs insisting that individual players who wish to play would be deferring OH&S regulations. This also applies to clubs who wish to disregard the temperature, this may make the club libel for any problems arising. We intend to seek further clarification from BV


  • Our new website is now up and running, please check each week for teams and club news.
  • Thank you to Doug B for learning how too and inserting the Pennant Teams.
  • Garry Hunt will start putting new photos into the Gallery

New Members

Please note that new members only become official when they pay their fees. Only Full members have the right to play pennant and to vote at our AGM.

Welcome Ben Wightman SM, Rick Burns SM, Harve Baset SM, Thomas May SM, Mitchell Hall SM, Brian Presnell FM

John Forsythe