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  • TRIVIA NIGHT – Saturday 8th October, 2022 starting at 7:00 pm sharp. Come along, bring your friends and family for a good fun table.  There is a name register in the Club Rooms and hopefully we’ll fill the tables quickly.  Check Cranbourne Bowls Club Facebook page for ALL the details and contact names and phone nmbers. 
    Season 2022/2023 – Timeline
  • July 1st – July 31st – Pennant entries open (Inc. pre-season 9’s).
  • August 15th – Draft draw and Draft Conditions of Play released.
  • August 15 – 28 – Draft Draw and Draft Conditions of Play open for feedback from Clubs.
  • August 22 – Pre-season 9’s Final draw released.
  • September 12 – Final Pennant Draw and Conditions of Play released.
  • Social Bowls – Currently running each Wednesday and Saturday during winter. 10:00 a starts. Come along and enjoy two fun days with the players. Wednesday’s 2 x games of 13 ends. Prizes and raffles, bar open. Saturday’s currently playing 4 x games of 7 ends.  Both days are stick draws and if you have your name down for either day and can’t make it, please call the Co-ordinators – Barry Graham or Scott De Piazza. Club phone number   5996-1272.
  • Pennant Season starts on Tuesday October 11th (Midweek) and (Weekend) starts on Saturday 15th October ‘22 Further details regarding Pennant Season will be advised in due course when ratified by BowlsVic.
  • An important change to playing conditions is that practise is allowed on the game rinks for both the home and visiting side. Visiting sides if required must be allowed two consecutive rinks for such practice from 90min before start to 30min before start. (1 hour total). No practice allowed inside 30min before game start. Roll ups commence 15min before.
  • Remember, that although they are not out on display in the clubroom, there are always items for sale that the Craft Ladies have made. Items such as: baby clothing, dolls clothing, decorated clothes hangers, blankets, beanies, club bowls towels, face washers, and much more. There will be another stall held later and I will let you know when this is about to happen.
  • Remember to keep up to date with the current COVID rules that are applicable. These change from week to week. You can always refer to the DHHS website for the latest news as well as the BV website as they need to keep everyone up to date with the state of play.
  • Please note that social members will not be allowed to play on the grass greens until one of the club’s coaches has approved that member to use the grass greens. As you would appreciate the grass greens are special and must not be damaged.
  • Helpers for maintenance on Monday mornings are always welcome. Just turn up at around 8 – 8.30 am and I am sure that you will be put to good use with something that needs attention. The club grounds are looking great at present, as they usually do.
Month: July, 2022
WeekSunday03/07/2022ToSaturday 09/07/2022
Allen Skurrie5996 7327
WeekSunday 10/07/2022ToSaturday 16/07/2022
Tom De Pradines0411 153 593
WeekSunday17/07/2022ToSaturday 23/07/2022
Chris Griffiths0418 339 548
WeekSunday 24/07/2022ToSaturday 30/07/2022
Joe Byrne5995 1225
Month: August, 2022
WeekSunday 31/07/2022ToSaturday 06/08/2022
Gerry Dudink0436 040 007
WeekSunday 07/08/2022ToSaturday 13/08/2022
Allen Skurrie5996 7327
WeekSunday 14/08/2022ToSaturday 20/08/2022
Tom De Pradines0411 339 548
WeekSunday 21/08/2022ToSaturday 27/08/2022
Chris Griffiths0418 339 548
Joe Byrne5995 1225
Month: September, 2022
Gerry Dudink0436 040 007
Allen Skurrie5996 7327
Tom De Pradines0411 153 593
Chris Griffiths0418 339 548