Club news

  • A list of practice games, will shortly appear please fill in your availability on the forms on the notice board.


  • Thank you to Barry G and Scott D for their work on the new social bowls program on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


  • We need more people to help at the working bees on Monday Morning, just turn up you will be very welcome. Many hands make light work.


  • Thank you to Dennis Tpmlin for joining the Opening and Closing team,


Register to play in 2020/21

If you wish to play for the club in the next pennant season it is imperative you register your name on the lists found at the club. Our selection committees are working on our teams for next season. They teams must be registered by the end of the month

If you cannot get to the club please email me to register your intentions for 2020/21

If you are not registered we will believe you do not intend to play with the club. We do not expect registered players to give up their place in a team to someone who failed to fill out a form.

Club Membership Fees

If you wish to play pennant for the club you must pay your club membership fee of $170 by the end of August. You will not be considered for practice games or pennant if the registration fee is not paid.

Note if you are having trouble paying the registration fee please contact John Forsythe, so we can work out something.


Opening and Closing

We only open the club on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays during winter. Opening time is 9.00am and closing time is 6.00pm.


July 2020                                                                     Open

Days open:  All week gate only

Week   Sun  28/06/ 2020 to  Sat  04/07/2020                         Tom De Pradines 0411153593

Week   Sun  05/07/2020  to  Sat 11/07/2020                          Frank Male           0409932842

Week   Sun 12/07/2020  to   Sat 18/07/2020                          Gerald Dudink      0411153593

Week   Sun  19/07/2020  to   Sat  25/07/2020                        Dennis Tomlin      0444532101

Week   Sun  26/07/2020  to   Sat  1/08/2020                          Allen Skurrie         59967327


August 2020                                                                Open

Days open:  All week gate only

Week   Sun  02/08/ 2020 to  Sat  09/08/2020                         Tom De Pradines 0411153593

Week   Sun  09/08/2020  to  Sat 15/08/2020                          Frank Male           0409932842

Week   Sun 16/08/2020  to   Sat 22/08/2020                          Gerald Dudink      0411153593

Week   Sun  23/08/2020  to   Sat 29/08/2020                         Dennis Tomlin      0444532101

Week   Sun 30/08/2020  to   Sat  5/09/2020                           Allen Skurrie         59967327



We still require extra help so if you can give one week of your time every three months please let me know


List of new players from the end of last season

  1. Steve Bakken Tuesday Only
  2. Colin Blyth
  3. Michael Manning
  4. Lyn Whalley
  5. Tony Whalley
  6. Philip Nielsen
  7. Ronald Fenton
  8. Paul McNamara
  9. Neil Arnold
  10. James Williams
  11. Brian Gay
  12. David Wilson
  13. Phillip Bouily
  14. George Ljepojevic
  15. Salvatore Greco
  16. James Williams
  17. Chris Griffiths
  18. John Lundie Tuesday Only
  19. Ken Fletcher

I believe Allen S has other names


We welcome all these new players and we hope you enjoy playing for Cranbourne Bowls Club