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Cranbourne 1 Div 2 Sec 8Versus Upwey-Tecoma 1Round 7Rinks Saturday 3rd December, 2022
AwayLeave by 10:45 am
LeadD MeyerG JonesG ScottJ ByrneManager M Stevens
SecondP ElgarW StevensJ StanleyK Hickson Captain J Tootell
ThirdD BoggieG WrightM StevensC HuntUmpire
SkipL QuiggJ TootellS JakinsJ Corney
Shots for
Shots Against
Cranbourne 2 Div 3 Sec 8Versus Noble Park 1Round 7Rinks 3, 4, 5 & 6Saturday 3rd December 2022
LeadC DealV ButeraH WorsterlingM TaylorManager C Stevenson
SecondK TootellB BradburyC StevensonD HenryCaptain B Gay
ThirdB ThomasR RoscoeI BarrengerF SciclunaUmpire
SkipN ArnoldS HicksonN DrummondB Gay
Shots forDuty Rink
Shots against
Cranbourne 3 Div 4 Sec 8Versus Noble Park 2Round 7RinksSaturday, 3rd December, 2022
Leave by 11:15 am
LeadR ScottC ReaR TownleyB PyneManager R Scott
SecondP NielsenB BiasciB Bellamy B TurtonCaptain W Sherriff
ThirdD MaguireL BrockY VanderweesS BoydUmpire
SkipR GascoigneW SherriffJ KentH Van Soest
Shots for
Shots Against
Cranbourne 4 Div 7 Sec 8Versus Berwick 6Round 7Rinks 19, 20, 21 & 22Saturday 3rd December, 2022 
LeadN FotheringhamS MuellerC TootellF MaleManager A Skurrie
SecondB LeggT De PradinesK DudinkD TomlinCaptain P Coulthup
ThirdS De PiazzaG DudinkL MagriD McConvilleUmpire
SkipG LjepojvicA SkurrieP ColthupR SorensenEmergency
Shots ForDuty Team
Shots Against
Cranbourne 5 Div 8 Sec 7Versus Mulgrave CC 6Round 7RinksSaturday 3rd December, 2022 
AwayLeave 11:45 am
LeadJ TomlinS RichardsonM PeersManager C Wright
SecondH BlakeKJ HicksonS RaitiCaptain
ThirdB HarperJ WarnerL DealUmpire
SkipM FeeleyD McMasterC Wright
Shots For
Shots against
Cranbourne 6 Div 8 Sec 6Versus Cheltenham 6Round 7Rinks 9, 10, 11 & 12Saturday 3rd December, 2022
LeadD BobeticL SadikayA Brock Manager O Stanley
ThirdS MuhiS BakkerB CanavanUmpire
SkipT VorbachM BobeticO Stanley
Shots for
Shots Against